A 9-month mentorship into the magical world of Shamanism

 - to see the beauty of who you are and the wonder of all that is around you

Discover how to thrive in life – by learning how to have one foot in the spirit world and one foot healthily grounded in this earthly reality.

How we will interact together

  • We will gather online in Zoom and use it as our Sacred Space twice/month for 90 minutes
  • You will receive questions to ponder and grow from in between the online catch ups
  • You will have access to the recorded zoom gatherings in case you can’t be there in person or would like to revisit the conversations
  • We will have a facebook group to share what we are experiencing as we develop together
  • I will be available for one on one support when you need it

Benefits you can expect

  • Learn how to connect to the magically spiritual world of the Shamans – the so-called Other Reality
  • Receive insights and guidance from helping spirits directly – you will no longer be reliant on a third person
    to channel messages for you
  • Access a safe and supportive environment in which to grow your skills as you blossom
  • Immerse yourself in deep discovery of Self – to better respond to life instead of reacting to it
  • Become confident in your spiritual connection to self, to others and to all energies around you
  • Discover the richness of your multi-dimensional being

How to enroll

Click on the button to register your interest with me, including your contact details.

To ensure we are a good fit for one another, once you have registered your interest I will organise a 20-minute phone conversation where we can get to know one another better. This will also be a time to ask any questions you may have of the program.

Provided we both feel we have the necessary harmony, I will send you an enrolment form for the full 9 months mentorship program for you to complete. You choose to either pay in full at a discounted rate up front or on a monthly/quarterly basis.

Content covered

  • Developing sensitivity to energy flow – flower, card, photo, crystal and chakra readings
  • Opening, holding and closing sacred space for self and others
  • Learning to journey like a Shaman – upper, middle and lower worlds
  • 100 days to spiritual freedom – self-discovery journaling and reflecting

Flexible payment options

Monthly payment: $167

3 monthly payment: $495

Paying in full upfront: $1200

Call me now on 0437 414 042 for a 20 minute or so chat! Let’s discuss your goals, your spiritual journey so far, what you hope to achieve from the program and see if we have the necessary harmony to take the next step of your self-discovery journey together.

Click the button to register your interest with Catherine and organise a chat.


1 on 1 Shamanic Healing with Catherine

About Shamanic Healing

A session runs for approximately 90minutes. The technique involves participants first relaxing and then breathing to music slightly deeper and faster than normal. Deep breathing is a doorway to a deeper state of awareness. At the end of a session clients report a range of results from simply feeling more positive about their lives to having an entirely new perspective.

Anyone can do breathwork. You have been breathing all your life. This is your opportunity to breathe with awareness and intention … and experience the magic unfold.

What you can expect from a Shamanic Healing:

Shamanic Journeying and Healing is used to connect a person to self and spirituality. In doing so, people who feel confused, indecisive or weighted down by life (in health, finances or relationships, etc.) are able to let these burdens go at an energetic level.

People who used to feel stressed, anxious, angry, scared, lost or frustrated experience a sense of inner peace. They feel centred and are empowered to make inspired decisions that are right for them. It leads them to a more fulfilling and thriving life or career.

How it works

Catherine opens sacred space and guides you into a relaxed and meditative state. She connects you to the realm of ‘non-reality’ so you have the spiritual experience yourself. She uses tools such as breathing techniques, the drum, rattle, crystals, and hands-on touch to explore where the energetic imbalances are in your body. She then brings balance back into your body, mind and soul.

This can be done from the comfort of your home via distance healing or in person.

Benefits of Shamanic Journeying/Healing

  • Developing innate psychic abilities, and understanding them as a spiritual resource
  • Deepening creative inspiration and expression
  • Encouraging regular spiritual practice
  • Resolving unfinished business with loved ones (both the living and those who’ve passed on)
  • Healing
  • Interpreting dreams
  • Deepening our understanding of and our personal relationship with nature and the environment we live in
  • Experiencing deep mystical states that can elevate and stabilize us morally, spiritually and e

Shamanic Journeying and Drumming circle

Sit with spirit to release limiting beliefs, stress energy and raise your vibration. Experience shamanic healing and journeying with like minded people.

This is where we connect to ourselves, to spirit and to one another for healing and belonging.

  • Would you like to expand your consciousness while connecting with your tribe of like-minded people?
  • Are you ready to experience your own spirituality during shamanic healing and journeying?
  • Do you know you have a number of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you that you would like to clear?


Yes? Then I invite you to join me, Catherine Fewings, Shamanic Sound Healer and Sacred Ceremony Celebrant, for a spiritual journey with drum medicine.

Transform yourself whilst connecting to helping spirits and to your inner wisdom during the drumming meditation (shamanic journeying) and get uplifted through soulful music and chanting.

The good-willing spirits will watch over you, the energy of the Tribe will nurture you, and the dancing flames of the drum beat will vaporise away any negativity.

We will break bread together afterwards and share our experiences to deepen our insights and our connection to each other.

This experience will clear and recharge your energies. It will leave you feeling centred, grounded, and empowered to make the right decisions for you moving forward.

Come and join us, dare to discover your Self.


Learn how to journey like the Shamans

  • Boost your spiritual connection to self
  • Access your subconscious wisdom and gain clarity of where you have been getting stuck before
  • Get to know your spiritual power animals at a deeper level to gain more support from them

Learn how to journey like a Shaman.

Join Catherine Fewings, shamanic healer, breathworker and spiritual celebrant who will be running an intimate workshop on connecting with your shamanic path.

This one day workshop introduces you to seven types of shamanic journeying to give you the tools and practices needed to find answers to your questions, find your power and more.

You will be empowered to transform your life, gain insights and experience the power of self-journeying, unassisted.

The shamanic journey is an ancient visionary technique used to enter the invisible realm of spirit for healing and guidance. It is the most direct and practical tool for engaging your own inner knowing. Through your journeying you can explore the hidden universe of spirit in the wise and loving care of your spirit allies. Everyone has spirit allies. They are the power animals and helping spirits in the ‘other reality’ that protect and help to awaken your dormant spiritual abilities. Learn to work with your spirit allies in this experiential class.

$247.00 plus booking fee

(12 places available, last workshop booked out quickly, book early to avoid disappointment)


Spirited Drum Making Workshop

  • Would you like to experience the spiritual journey of creating your own ceremonial drum?
  • Do you enjoy expanding your consciousness to the beat of the drum made from Spirit and feel the pull to create your own instrument?
  • Are you called to experience the power of playing a drum made directly from your soul by your own hand?

Yes? Then I invite you to join me, Catherine Fewings, Shamanic Sound Healer and Sacred Ceremony Celebrant, for a spiritual journey in drum creation.

During this one day workshop I will hold space and assist you in the creation journey of the drum. The process will be unique to you and you will complete the day with your own sacred drum and beater. I will then teach you a traditional cleansing ceremony you can perform with your drum in your home and other important spaces you move in.

Creating your own drum you will experience the healing vibration of Kangaroo Spirit, gain insights about your own transformation, and connect deeply with nature and helping spirits. Afterward you will notice how playing the drum continues to bless further transformations in your life. Your medicine drum becomes an extension of yourself, your soul, your emotions and your essence.

Come alive and express your true self – all facets, colours and faces.

Spiritual ceremony will be held at the beginning and end of the day.

(spaces are limited so book early to secure your journey)

“Creating your own drum is a birth right. I look forward to guiding your journey.” – Catherine Fewings


Shamanic Winter Cacao Ceremony

  • Do you feel like taking time out one afternoon to nurture yourself?
  • Wishing to go within to get in touch with your truth and abundant self-love?
  • Would you welcome a burst of energy, creativity and joy?

Then tend to your sacred heart and join our shamanic winter Cacao ceremony.

Cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, is a plant medicine that nourishes the heart. It is a great facilitator to go within and unlock our heart space, awaken our senses and creativity, and do our inner healing work.

A Cacao ceremony is a sacred space for full presence and nourishment. It’s a beautiful gift to ourselves to take time for this mindful space to amplify the expression of our intentions and transformation with the guidance of Cacao.

What you can experience during this Cacao ceremony 

 In this sacred Cacao ceremony, we will enjoy a warm ceremonial Guatemalan Cacao beverage while I share about the health benefits and lineage of Cacao. I will take you on a shamanic journey with sacred songs, drumming and a relaxing guided meditation/visualization to connect deeper with your hearts.

There is the option of enjoying healthy and fresh food and a cuppa afterwards.

What to bring with you

  • Water bottle
  • Cosy white clothing (Op Shops have great selections)
  • Pillow and blanket

Feel free to also bring:

  • Journal and pen if you feel like capturing your journey straight away afterwards
  • Eye mask for additional privacy and immersion into the journey
  • Low beach seat or low camping chair if yoga mat and bolster aren’t comfortable enough for you

Benefits of the divine and healing energy of ceremonial Cacao:

Opens the heart space (heart chakra & heart medicine)
Access to higher energies – love, joy, connection
Offers greater perspective on situations in our life to facilitate doing the inner work – moving through limiting beliefs, fears, blocks, suppressed emotions and trauma
Heightens emotional awareness and release
Relaxation, clarity, and inspiration
A great meditation guide towards our true Self and empowerment

Deepens connection to ourselves and others – enhances our ability to approach others with an open heart and facilitates relationship healing (personal and business)

Is Cacao same as chocolate?

Not exactly, Cacao used in a Cacao ceremony is different from regular chocolate we eat. Unlike what you might expect, it doesn’t taste anything like hot chocolate, so it might shock you when you first try it. It is a natural plant medicine and the Cacao beans are what goes into the chocolate we are familiar with – but only 20-30%. The ritual Cacao I make contains raw Cacao from Guatemala, water, vanilla extract, stevia and a tiny bit of chilli all mixed into a liquid – slightly bitter but naturally high in iron, magnesium and B-complex vitamins.

It is perfectly safe to have Cacao whilst pregnant or breast feeding. However, please let me know in advance if you are on antidepressants, strong medication including herbal or Chinese tonics as I will need to alter the dose.

 “When we live with an open heart, we are able to align with the highest of our truths creating more understanding to all that is.” Keith the Cacao Shaman, Guatemala

Join us in ceremony to open your heart, connect to your highest self, commune with like-minded people, and raise your heart frequency to love.


Me Time retreat

Me Time is a three day retreat designed for you to feel better within and about yourself – so you can amplify your impact and feel fulfilled. We will uncover what you desire most, release blockages towards that and find your own strengths to deepen your self-love and self-care practice.

Meditation practices, gentle yoga, breathwork sessions, earth mandala creations, shamanic ceremonies and sound healing will guide our days. Reflective quiet time within nature and by the ocean will enhance your own insights and beautiful gluten free and vegan food will be offered 3 times per day to rejuvenate and re-energize you.

twin bed room share: $850
camping mattress indoors or in tent outdoors: $750

Payment plans available. Get in touch if interested.

Looking forward to sharing sacred space with you!


Vision Quest - listen and learn from the land

The Vision Quest is a sacred healing journey which powerfully reveals your personal truths and spiritual clarity.

Catherine’s Vision Quest is a 5 hours solo wilderness ceremony on Aboriginal sacred land which gives you the rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the healing that this special land can bring about. Catherine has been facilitating shamanic healing for over 10 years and is qualified to hold sacred space for the vision quest.

The simplicity and universal nature of this vision quest ceremony means it works for people of all belief systems and ancestral connections. This includes any human seeking a deeper connection to the land, to themselves and to the power of their life’s purpose through this ancient wild sourced rite of passage.

I am Catherine Fewings, shamanic healer and your vision quest guide: I am honoured to walk this journey with you & welcome you to be in touch.

Special inaugural price: $150/person

Bring along: Comfortable and warm clothes. Mosquito repellent if required. Your own drinking bottles. A blanket and cushion if you want additional comfort.

How it works

The Vision Quest ceremony is a dance between the power of your internal landscape, the stillness in the moment and the voice of the land which holds you.

We will gather at my place first, and then drive together to where the Vision Quest will take place. The experience runs for 5 hours with participants sitting solo with wild nature on sacred Aboriginal land and it’s spirits. At all times you are safely supported by myself as a trained facilitator. The Vision Quest is available to any adult who is genuinely called, and you do not need prior experience to apply.

In essence the Vision Quest is a fast from all things that are familiar in your normal life and includes fasting on water during the day of the Vision Quest circle until you go home.

The land and vision quest experience will powerfully reveal your life purpose and critical areas of personal healing which are required so the fullness of your personal power can emerge. Every step in this sacred journey is held and supported by me, which includes the option for more intensive personal support sessions both prior to and after your Vision Quest ceremony.

If you are ready to heal and claim the truth of your personal power, I would love to share your journey with you.