Meet Catherine


I have been on my own self-discovery path of many years now. At first, I believed it was to get somewhere, to achieve a specific goal. Of course, I learnt a lot about myself and about how I want to be in life over the last decade. I have grown and evolved. Now I am ready to show you who I have become in my sacred questing:

As a Shaman, I am deeply curious about connecting to my body’s wisdom, to the compassionate helping spirits all around, and to the energies emanating from our human family. I use my connections and intuitive knowing in order to shift people’s energies. I work in a divinely feminine way, powerful and yet gentle, listening deeply, surrendering to the wisdom of the benevolent energies of the universe.

How I work

All the methods I use are deeply rooted in tantric practices, utilised to bring you awareness to your emotions, memories and thoughts running through your human body. When you engage with me, you will notice how my presence alone solicits an energy shift within you. My methods elicit authentic self-inquiry and release of stuck energies within you, masked in symptoms of stress, anger, confusion, fear and trauma.

I encourage you to embrace your own inner knowing, your childlike wonder, your perhaps long forgotten creativity, and your feminine expression. I invite you to rebalance your own energies through drumming your soul aspects back into your body, through singing, breathing practices, dance and by using plant medicine. You will reach a state of inner peace and freedom, of acceptance, of joy and love for what already is. Just so.

My education

  • Accredited Shamanic Healer and Breathworker
  • Accredited Practitioner for organisational development
  • Certified Workshop Facilitator
  • Accredited Executive Coach

Professional Experiences

For over a decade Catherine has impacted people’s lives through her coaching, self-development workshops and facilitating transformational shamanic journeying gatherings.

Catherine has given thousands the experience of the spiritual journey to self during one-on-one breathwork and healing sessions. She has been the celebrant for many sacred drum making and other ceremonies. She facilitated hundreds of shamanic journeying gatherings, allowing people to connect to the wisdom of helping spirits firsthand.

Catherine loves using the beat of the spirit drum and channelling songs during group sound healing sessions. She spreads her convictions about living life in sacred questing to Know Thyself on stages alongside Wyld Tribe at Sisterhood Rising festivals, at Conscious Living Expos and at other healing festivals such as Fearless Women’s Forest Gathering.