9 Month Mentorship Program – Tri monthly Payment Plan


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Mentorship Tri Monthly Payments

Initial Payable: $495.00

Total Payable: $1,485.00

2 Payments of $495 after initial deposit payment of $495 2nd Payment due 3 months after initial deposit Final Payment due 6 months after initial deposit

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Payment Amount Payment Date
$495.00 06-12-2022 19:58:12
$495.00 05-02-2023 19:58:12
$495.00 07-04-2023 19:58:12


A 9-month mentorship into the magical world of Shamanism – (Paying instalments of $495 every 3 months)

– to see the beauty of who you are and the wonder of all that is around you

Discover how to thrive in life – by learning how to have one foot in the spirit world and one foot healthily grounded in this earthly reality.

How we will interact together

  • We will gather online in Zoom and use it as our Sacred Space twice/month for 90 minutes
  • You will receive questions to ponder and grow from in between the online catch ups
  • You will have access to the recorded zoom gatherings in case you can’t be there in person or would like to revisit the conversations
  • We will have a facebook group to share what we are experiencing as we develop together
  • I will be available for one on one support when you need it

Benefits you can expect

  • Learn how to connect to the magically spiritual world of the Shamans – the so-called Other Reality
  • Receive insights and guidance from helping spirits directly – you will no longer be reliant on a third person
    to channel messages for you
  • Access a safe and supportive environment in which to grow your skills as you blossom
  • Immerse yourself in deep discovery of Self – to better respond to life instead of reacting to it
  • Become confident in your spiritual connection to self, to others and to all energies around you
  • Discover the richness of your multi-dimensional being

How to enroll

Click on the button to register your interest with me, including your contact details.

To ensure we are a good fit for one another, once you have registered your interest I will organise a 20-minute phone conversation where we can get to know one another better. This will also be a time to ask any questions you may have of the program.

Provided we both feel we have the necessary harmony, I will send you an enrolment form for the full 9 months mentorship program for you to complete. You choose to either pay in full at a discounted rate up front or on a monthly/quarterly basis.

Content covered

  • Developing sensitivity to energy flow – flower, card, photo, crystal and chakra readings
  • Opening, holding and closing sacred space for self and others
  • Learning to journey like a Shaman – upper, middle and lower worlds
  • 100 days to spiritual freedom – self-discovery journaling and reflecting

Call me now on 0437 414 042 for a 20 minute or so chat! Let’s discuss your goals, your spiritual journey so far, what you hope to achieve from the program and see if we have the necessary harmony to take the next step of your self-discovery journey together.