I experienced a group healing with Catherine and my Secrets partners. It was cathartic and freeing.

Marnie LeFevre, Director, Secrets in the Garden

Once I was a sceptic, now I have become a true believer in the power of meditation

Louise Carlin, Mandurah, Western Australia

I experienced a free version of me – a version that was truly respected and embraced as a unique individual yet an integral part of ‘The Tribe’…Truly life changing.

Robyn, Mandurah, Western Australia

Catherine took me on one of the most powerful, yet gentle and comforting healing journeys I have encountered. It was blissful, enlightening and deeply re-energising.

Sasha Fazio, Perth, Western Australia

Catherine provided a safe and sacred space for me to begin my incredible breathwork session where I was able to release some big blockages with my relationship with my parents.

Shari Bolitho, Perth, Western Australia

Your healing hands restore balance and harmony to spirit. Your drumming is healing and when you sing, oh my, the power within your voice is astounding. This experience takes meditation and healing to a new level.

Karen Glatzel, Mandurah, Western Australia

It has been almost four weeks since I saw Catherine for my breath work healing session. I am still in awe at the incredible positive effects that it has had. I am pleased to say that as a result of the breathwork healing, I now have a completely different outlook on life.

Louise Hughes, Armadale, Western Australia

I found the session to be enlightening, warm, truthful, honest and inspiring. I came out feeling relieved, calmer, and lighter as if a massive burden had been lifted from me.

Ros Dutczak, Falcon, Western Australia

The breath work is definitely something we would highly recommend to others to help focus on a goal, achieve spiritual guidance and messages or purely for relaxation.

Jeni Smart & Sha Carter, Mandurah Crystals, Western Australia

…without Catherine’s help, guidance, intuitive and instinctive understanding of what was going on with me, I would not have got to this place so quickly and with such amazing results!

Merrian Styles, Perth, Western Australia

Catherine is a gentle and powerful change agent skilled and talented in reconnecting with Breath.

Wendy Wilson, Perth, Western Australia

Catherine was able to go right to the heart of the problem and has helped me to deal with it I would recommend the experience to everyone.

Jo-Anne Norton, Mandurah, Australia

After seeing Catherine I am more light, centred and at peace. I have the capacity to face challenges in a better way, and I have dramatically improved my relationships to others and to life.

Janine Caron, Canada

…it truly is a magical experience.

Coral Butcher, Mandurah, Australia

Catherine, Your energy is so graceful and you have such a wonderful way with words.

Polly Allecks, Perth, Australia

Thank you for the opportunity to be in such a loving healing filled space. I now feel stronger, more compassionate and more grounded.

Penny Fagan, Mandurah, Australia

I had the most enlightening day creating my spirited medicine drum, reflecting on myself and my ways.

Natasha Freudenstein, Perth, Western Australia