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Sit with spirit to release limiting beliefs, stress energy and raise your vibration. Come to Tribe. Experience shamanic healing and journeying with like minded people.

Tribe is where we connect to ourselves, to spirit and to one another for healing and belonging.

  • Would you like to expand your consciousness while connecting with your tribe of like-minded people?
  • Are you ready to experience your own spirituality during shamanic healing and journeying?
  • Do you know you have a number of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you that you would like to clear?

Yes? Then I invite you to join me, Catherine Fewings, Shamanic Sound Healer and Sacred Ceremony Celebrant, for a spiritual journey with drum medicine.

Transform yourself whilst connecting to helping spirits and to your inner wisdom during the drumming meditation (shamanic journeying) and get uplifted through soulful music and chanting.

The good-willing spirits will watch over you, the energy of the Tribe will nurture you, and the dancing flames of the drum beat will vaporise away any negativity.

We will break bread together afterwards and share our experiences to deepen our insights and our connection to each other.

This experience will clear and recharge your energies. It will leave you feeling centred, grounded, and empowered to make the right decisions for you moving forward.

Come and join us, as tribe is where you find self.

click to book - 5 October 2019

•    Boost your spiritual connection to self
•    Access your subconscious wisdom and gain clarity of where you have been getting stuck before
•    Get to know your spiritual power animals at a deeper level to gain more support from them

Learn how to journey like a Shaman.

Join Catherine Fewings, shamanic healer, breathworker and spiritual celebrant who will be running an intimate workshop on connecting with your shamanic path.

This one day workshop introduces you to seven types of shamanic journeying to give you the tools and practices needed to find answers to your questions, find your power and more.

You will be empowered to transform your life, gain insights and experience the power of self-journeying, unassisted.

The shamanic journey is an ancient visionary technique used to enter the invisible realm of spirit for healing and guidance. It is the most direct and practical tool for engaging your own inner knowing. Through your journeying you can explore the hidden universe of spirit in the wise and loving care of your spirit allies. Everyone has spirit allies. They are the power animals and helping spirits in the ‘other reality’ that protect and help to awaken your dormant spiritual abilities. Learn to work with your spirit allies in this experiential class.

$247.00 plus booking fee

(12 places available, last workshop booked out quickly, book early to avoid disappointment)

Coming soon in 2020
  • Would you like to experience the spiritual journey of creating your own ceremonial drum?
  • Do you enjoy expanding your consciousness to the beat of the drum made from Spirit and feel the pull to create your own instrument?
  • Are you called to experience the power of playing a drum made directly from your soul by your own hand?

Yes? Then I invite you to join me, Catherine Fewings, Shamanic Sound Healer and Sacred Ceremony Celebrant, for a spiritual journey in drum creation.

During this one day workshop I will hold space and assist you in the creation journey of the drum. The process will be unique to you and you will complete the day with your own sacred drum and beater. I will then teach you a traditional cleansing ceremony you can perform with your drum in your home and other important spaces you move in.

Creating your own drum you will experience the healing vibration of Deer Sprit, gain insights about your own transformation, and connect deeply with nature and helping spirits. Afterward you will notice how playing the drum continues to bless further transformations in your life. Your medicine drum becomes an extension of yourself, your soul, your emotions and your essence.

Come alive and express your true self – all facets, colours and faces.

Spiritual ceremony will be held at the beginning and end of the day.

(spaces are limited so book early to secure your journey)

“Creating your own drum is a birth right. I look forward to guiding your journey.” – Catherine Fewings

Click here to book - 6 October
  • Do you feel like taking time out one afternoon to nurture yourself?
  • Wishing to go within to get in touch with your truth and abundant self-love?
  • Would you welcome a burst of energy, creativity and joy?

Then tend to your sacred heart and join our shamanic winter Cacao ceremony.

Cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, is a plant medicine that nourishes the heart. It is a great facilitator to go within and unlock our heart space, awaken our senses and creativity, and do our inner healing work.

A Cacao ceremony is a sacred space for full presence and nourishment. It’s a beautiful gift to ourselves to take time for this mindful space to amplify the expression of our intentions and transformation with the guidance of Cacao.

What you can experience during this Cacao ceremony

 In this sacred Cacao ceremony, we will enjoy a warm ceremonial Guatemalan Cacao beverage while I share about the health benefits and lineage of Cacao. I will take you on a shamanic journey with sacred songs, drumming and a relaxing guided meditation/visualization to connect deeper with your hearts.

There is the option of enjoying healthy and fresh food and a cuppa afterwards.

What to bring with you

  • Water bottle
  • Cosy white clothing (Op Shops have great selections)
  • Pillow and blanket

Feel free to also bring:

  • Journal and pen if you feel like capturing your journey straight away afterwards
  • Eye mask for additional privacy and immersion into the journey
  • Low beach seat or low camping chair if yoga mat and bolster aren’t comfortable enough for you

Benefits of the divine and healing energy of ceremonial Cacao:

Opens the heart space (heart chakra & heart medicine)
Access to higher energies – love, joy, connection
Offers greater perspective on situations in our life to facilitate doing the inner work – moving through limiting beliefs, fears, blocks, suppressed emotions and trauma
Heightens emotional awareness and release
Relaxation, clarity, and inspiration
A great meditation guide towards our true Self and empowerment

Deepens connection to ourselves and others – enhances our ability to approach others with an open heart and facilitates relationship healing (personal and business)

Is Cacao same as chocolate?

Not exactly, Cacao used in a Cacao ceremony is different from regular chocolate we eat. Unlike what you might expect, it doesn’t taste anything like hot chocolate, so it might shock you when you first try it. It is a natural plant medicine and the Cacao beans are what goes into the chocolate we are familiar with – but only 20-30%. The ritual Cacao I make contains raw Cacao from Guatemala, water, vanilla extract, stevia and a tiny bit of chilli all mixed into a liquid – slightly bitter but naturally high in iron, magnesium and B-complex vitamins.

It is perfectly safe to have Cacao whilst pregnant or breast feeding. However, please let me know in advance if you are on antidepressants, strong medication including herbal or Chinese tonics as I will need to alter the dose.

 “When we live with an open heart, we are able to align with the highest of our truths creating more understanding to all that is.” Keith the Cacao Shaman, Guatemala

Join us in ceremony to open your heart, connect to your highest self, commune with like-minded people, and raise your heart frequency to love.

Email me to book - 19 October Mandurah

Me Time is a three day retreat designed for you to feel better within and about yourself – so you can amplify your impact and feel fulfilled. We will uncover what you desire most, release blockages towards that and find your own strengths to deepen your self-love and self-care practice.

Meditation practices, gentle yoga, breathwork sessions, earth mandala creations, shamanic ceremonies and sound healing will guide our days. Reflective quiet time within nature and by the ocean will enhance your own insights and beautiful gluten free and vegan food will be offered 3 times per day to rejuvenate and re-energize you.

twin bed room share: $750
camping mattress indoors or in tent outdoors: $650

Payment plans available. Get in touch if interested.

Looking forward to sharing sacred space with you!

Click here to book - Easter 2020

Have Catherine perform at your special event or gathering to add that spiritual touch, clear and bless sacred space and leave a lasting impression.

Catherine is a sacred ceremony celebrant, drum meditation facilitator, sound and shamanic healer. She offers bespoke performances to bring an earthy shamanic air to your wedding, workshop, retreat or celebration.

Catherine will work with you and spirit to bring harmony, protection and joy to your special event.

Contact us here for a quote to have Catherine perform.

Perform and feel better with meditation.

  • Would you like to gain more focus and balance in the business world?
  • How would it be to perform better at work and achieve more in a day?
  • Do you seek to discover your spiritual side and have more energy?

Join Catherine Fewings, meditation teacher, yoga practitioner and shamanic healer for weekly meditation classes. Previous experience is not necessary.

You will explore different meditation techniques leaving you uplifted, calm and invigorated.

Meditation Course – breathing exercises, guided meditations and music relaxations. Easy to follow, fun and rejuvenating.

You will learn how to distance yourself from your busy mind to perform better at work, be more at peace to focus during the day and sleep better at night.

Tuesdays @ 7pm for 5 weeks in Falcon.

5 x 1 hour sessions – $50 for the whole course.

Email Catherine to make sure that you are included when the next meditation series begins.

Fast track your own spiritual discovery through conversations with a mentor

  • Are you increasingly eager to discover your own spirituality?
  • Have you recently experienced things you don’t quite understand and feel you need some guidance?
  • Do you simply enjoy deep connected conversations around all things spiritual?

Join Catherine Fewings, shamanic practitioner, sound healer, life coach and spiritual mentor for consciousness conversations. Have your questions answered, receive tips to support your spiritual discovery and enrich the discussion with your own insights.

Catherine’s spiritual mentoring sessions help to fast track spiritual awakening and expanded consciousness. Life becomes more interesting, enriched and magical. You also become connected with a support network of other like minded individuals who are on their journey of self-discovery.

Fortnightly one hour skype conversations –Tuesdays 8-9pm.

Enjoy these inspiring and thought provoking guided conversations from the comfort of your own home.

Skype group guided spiritual sessions with Catherine – $20 per session
5 session special package for $75 (save $25).

Email us to request being put on the list to be included when the next series begins.

No previous experience necessary, only interest and a willingness to engage.

A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books.Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We are back !! … Our last session was sold out with quite a number on wait list. Book in early !!

Experience a session comprising the synergy of Transcendental Sounds and Channelled Source Energy within the presence of multitudes of Light, Spiritual & Angelic Beings.

A collaboration by two leaders in their fields, Catherine Fewings, a Sound Healer / Teacher and Tony Ratnam, an Intuitive Energy Healing Facilitator, who’s a channel and conduit for Source / Divine Energy.

Divine guidance has brought these two together in offering this magical synergy of modalities. It’s an event not to be missed.

You’ll sit within the convergence of Universal and Divine Energies enhanced with the vibrations and frequencies of sacred sounds. Expect to walk away with varying degrees of shifts, spiritual awakenings, soul connections & activations, realizations, clearings etc.

Bookings are necessary !
– Early Bird Special : $50 (till 2nd July 18)
– Normal Price : $65 (from 3rd July 18)

Catherine has been practicing Shamanic Healing practices with groups and individuals for many years. She trained the art of Breathwork with the gifted Claire Belton from Western Australia, and shared stages drumming and healing with business coach and author Jeffrey Slayter.

Her passion is to support others connect to their own spirituality, to nature, and to bring like minded people together to transform lives. In this session she will express and channel through her divine gifts in sound and music through the drum, rattles, rain maker and her golden voice.

Tony’s purpose is to help one align themselves through their journeys and awakening one’s innate gifts within for them to ultimately become the best possible version of themselves.

Tony possesses the unique ability and the gift to draw in and channel through a wide range of energy frequencies, and working with multitudes of Light Beings / Guides in that respect. During the session, functioning as a conduit / channel in the true sense of the phrase and taping directly into Source Energy, Tony works from a sense of “guided knowing” and also through feeling, sensing. He then sets the stage and energetical space to enable a soul connection experience for attendees and for them to receive what’s needed at that point.

The degree of his spiritual connections are such that psychic readers and mediums have described him being surrounded by multitudes of angelic & spiritual beings the likes of they’ve not seen. They’ve also described his capacity to channel through high level frequencies as unique, akin to a 360 watt bulb compared to where the normal person being like a 40 watt bulb, would typically be “fried” in bringing through those energies.

Read more here about Catherine :

Read more here about Tony’s Group Energy work :

The session runs for up to two hours (shorter if there is a smaller group) and will generally involve participants lying down at floor level, so do bring along a yoga mat or something comfortable to lay down on, pillows/cushions, blanket(s) and also water to drink. For those who have difficulty lying down, chairs will be provided.

Video recording and photography may occur in aspects or all of this event wherein you / your face in part or otherwise may be recognisable in such digital media. If you do not wish for this to happen, please do advise the Organizer.

Cancellation Policy : Up to 48 hours before event for refund (less any booking fees) or credit towards another event.

Venue ;
Fremantle Fibonacci Centre (Top Floor – Yoga Centre)
19 Blinco St, Fremantle, Western Australia

For more info ;
Tony Ratnam at 0421 6858 66
Catherine Fewings at 0421 733 355
or email /

Coming soon!

Shamanic Breath Journey

• Do you wish for more joy and energy into your life?

• Would you like to honour your soul by expanding your consciousness?

• Are you ready to experience your own spirituality during shamanic breathing and journeying?

A Shamanic Breath Journey is a simple and effective way to free yourself from anything that is limiting you from reaching your true and authentic potential.

This powerful breathing method is transformative on a physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual level and brings balance to body, mind and spirit.

Deep conscious breathing can interrupt negative cycles and allow us to go deep within to unlock wisdom, truth and guidance gaining clarity and direction. An enhanced state of consciousness expands our awareness and amplifies intuition and creativity so that we may align with our divine purpose.

We begin with a hypnotic guided meditation to deeply relax us ready for our journey within. We call in the four directions and connect to Divine Mother earth through the power of the sacred drum. With experienced loving guidance we build the breath together.

Breathing is one of the fundamental factors of our synergistic organism and the breath is what connects us to everything that is. A circular breath builds life force energy within the body which intensifies and clears out any points of accumulated tension. We exhale everything that no longer serves us from deep within our cellular being.

The experience will add new dimensions of joy and energy into your life so that it becomes even more light, fun and easy……just the way it’s meant to BE!

We look forward to co-creating with you.

Catherine Fewings & Denise Cann

About your facilitators:

Denise Cann, founder of Seeds of Synergy, is a certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner of Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master NLP Life Coach, Master Practitioner of Timeline Transformations, Spiritual Teacher, Shamanic Energy Healer, Reiki Practitioner, and qualified teacher with over 25 years experience.

Denise has facilitated change for many people ready to commit to live a healthier and happier life. Denise believes that each of us already has the tools and resources within to create positive, effective and lasting change.

Catherine Fewings has been practicing shamanic healing practices with groups and individuals for many years. She trained the art of breathwork with the gifted Claire Belton from Western Australia, and shared stages drumming and healing with business coach and author Jeffrey Slayter.

Her passion is to support others connect to their own spirituality, to nature, and to bring like minded people together to shift energies and transform lives.

Coming soon!