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Shaman in a Suit is about expansive balance and transforming your life by having one foot in the corporate world and one in the spiritual.

Insights about self can help you grow and develop yourself, leading to a productive and fulfilling life.

“The secret is to seek these insights by both using coaching techniques and by exploring your spirituality”, says Shaman in a Suit Catherine Fewings. “Moving from the corporate into the shamanic world and back on a regular basis is like a joyful and expansive dance of life.”

Coaching equips an individual in the corporate world with deeper self-awareness. It assists with establishing concrete goals and taking inspired actions towards achieving these.

When someone hits a roadblock however, tapping into the shamanic world can allow them to re-align their emotional, spiritual and physical states to find inner balance. They become more centred and are able to connect to themselves in a healthier way. In addition, the sense of belonging to a tribe of helping spirits and likeminded people can be very energising and supportive.

Having had that inner growth and balance by connecting to self, spirit, and others in a deeper way, an individual can be invigorated to gain traction at work and in life once again. To further expand, coaching may once more assist in focusing their attention on driving what is most important to them.

Catherine says: “Achieving balance in life using all the tools available to us, both logically and intuitively is the new way forward in business and life. I’ve been thriving with one foot in each world for years. It has worked immensely well for me and I am excited to help clients take the journey when they are ready.

I enjoy showing my clients how I use logical business strategy and intuitive inner guidance to make informed decisions and maintain balance. We focus together on finding their own perfect balance to expand their life and work.

May you transform your life, achieve more and perform better with increased ease, more fun and less stress!”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]