Affectionately known as the Shaman in a Suit, Catherine Fewings uses mainstream coaching techniques combined with shamanic practices to propel her clients to achieve results in both their career and personal life. She has discovered to experience success you must first work on self at all levels, that includes working with spirit. When you do so it accelerates inner peace, outer achievement and spiritual growth. She is by no means conventional however she is highly effective. Her mode of coaching promotes what she likes to call “expansive balance” and must be experienced to be understood.

Catherine Fewings climbed up the corporate career ladder after graduating from university in Switzerland with a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). She worked for top multinational companies, such as Novartis, Goldman Sachs and EY. Her corporate career took her to London and Chicago. She now lives in beautiful Perth, Western Australia.

The pressured environment and high demands of her roles in the corporate world left Catherine feeling stressed and depleted. Feeling angry far too often and developing health issues started Catherine on a path to spiritual discovery that changed her life. She discovered balance.

Seeking health and inner peace Catherine chose to start embracing yoga and meditation. Over time she was guided to explore her spirituality at a deeper level so she completed an intense 12 month professional training course as a breathworker and shamanic healer.

During this 12 month period she discovered the secret to ultimate happiness experiencing first-hand how to combine both her corporate acumen and her spiritual intuition to thrive in work and life. She now combines the two worlds in a perfect blend when she coaches and heals to serve humanity.

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Masters Degree – Business and Economics, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Certified Associate in Project Management

Accredited Shamanic Healer and Breathworker
Accredited Practitioner for organisational development
Certified Workshop Facilitator
Accredited Executive Coach


For over a decade Catherine has impacted people’s lives through her coaching, self-development workshops and facilitating transformational shamanic journeying gatherings.

Catherine has given over 1000 people the experience of the spiritual journey to self during one-on-one breathwork and healing sessions. She has been the celebrant for many sacred drum making and other ceremonies. She facilitated 100s of shamanic journeying gatherings, allowing people to connect to the wisdom of helping spirits first hand.

Catherine loves using the beat of the spirit drum and channelling songs during group sound healing sessions. She spreads her convictions about living life in expansive balance on stages alongside Jeffrey Slayter, at Conscious Living Expos and at private corporations’ events.

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