Month: April 2018

Sitting by water

I am sitting by water and notice how it is flowing with ease and grace. It is finding ways to move around stones, boulders and tree roots. Water doesn’t resist what is, rather elegantly finds ways to circumvent any hold ups, and to continue forward.

Even if momentarily a little side pond gets created, as the volume of water increases, momentum is being built up, slowly, gently, until it becomes a force to be reckoned with. And then the water bursts out of its momentary constraints and frees itself once more to flow onwards. Such learning for my own challenges!

Don’t underestimate its creative power either! The swinging lines it forges into the earth over time, allowing snake like rivers to be formed and give many a people and animal joy, respite, survival and cool.

When I look in to the water, I can almost hear the many voices of where each drop has come from, and water shares its wisdom with me, emerging out of the depth of the oneness of life.

Oh, to simply sit by water, soak it all in, surrender to it, without any expectations, limitations or direction is simply bliss. Just to sit, quietly, open, receptive, in harmony with nature, with feminine essence… to have my cup replenished, to have any feelings of being stuck drawn out of me… and to end up with a peaceful and expansive heart.

I remember once again that as never before I am that now, connected to water and everything else around me. A small miracle has just occurred, a forgotten opening reasserted itself. Thank you, water, for bringing me home to self.